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Fire Blanket

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Fire Blanket

Fire blanket is a specially treated fiberglass fabric that is as smooth, soft and compact as silk.

It is an ideal and effective layer of protection for people and objects that must be kept away from heat sources.

In the initial stages of a fire, the ability to control the spread of the fire as quickly as possible by isolating oxygen from the fire.

It can also be used as a protective object for timely escape, as long as the blanket is wrapped around the entire body, it will protect the human body well during the escape process due to its inherent fireproof and insulating properties.

If No Damage, the fire blanket can be reused.


1. No expiration date

2. No secondary pollution after use

3. Insulation, high temperature resistance

4. Simple configuration, easy to carry, simple to use


Applicable places

Companies, warehouses, ships, automobiles, civil buildings, especially home kitchens, hospitals, hotels, entertainment places, gas stations, etc.

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